Saturday, January 21, 2012

Scrappy HeART Journal Cover

I have been working in this journal for awhile but never worked on the covers.  This morning I decided it was time:
True to the nature of the title, I used only scraps, well, except for the crown.  I didn't actually purchase anything special.  I used these tiny heart stickers that I had for years.  The background is old book pages that were placed randomly.  I sealed them with matte medium and then spread red, orange and yellow acrylics with a baby wipe.  I ADORE that technique.  I painted the hearts (yes, you read that correctly.  I ACTUALLY PAINTED SOMETHING) and outlined with water color crayon and white gel pen.  The borders are my painted deli papers.  I LOVE those deli papers.....


peggy gatto said...

Awesome color!!!
I need some of your deli papers!!!
I'll trade ya some scraps!!!!!!!!!

roc said...

i love deli paper too! there's just something about it.....*sigh*