Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thanks Jen!

I got this award from my friend Jen today. What a sweet thing. Now I have to list 7 things I love and then 7 people to awad this to.

1. Love my family.
2. Love my dog, Petee.
3. Love my art time.
4. Love to get pedicures!
5. Love to travel.
6. Love to teach (although I'm not right now)
7. Love the friends I made through my art groups!

Now for 7 people...
1. Elizabeth
2. peggy
3. Barb
4. Marion

Hmm...I need time to think of 3 more!


barbara burkard said...

gee thanks you!


Elizabeth Golden said...

Thank you very much, i like this award, oh before I forget i just gave you the butterfly award on my blog!

peggy gatto said...

thank you!!!!!!