Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My "Self-Portrait"

Jennifer has a weekly Journal Challenge on her blog. I do believe she is also doing the Creative Every Day 2009 Challenge as well. Anyway, her last challenge was "self-portrait". Now, I CANNOT DRAW! I have monocular vision (I do not have depth perception) so my way of interpreting the world is a little skewed. I have tried to draw...tracing is my best bet!

I took a photo of myself and just had fun with it. I saw the grapevine picture in a magazine and voila! I don't know what I enjoy more, painting the background, journaling or creating the page. But whichever one it is, my SOUL is being RELEASED of whatever is stressing me out!


Christy said...

Sandee this is fantastic. I don't know what I like more the adorable doodles on the self-portrait (oh the lips and crown match just nicely) or is the the colors in the background? The imagery you have chosen, no... I think it is actually the words you have written. That's my favorite part out of all of the loveliness of these pages!

Jinxie said...

I LOVE IT!!! Keep up the great work ! Jinx

peggy gatto said...

This is awesome!!!!
Your latest work is so confident!

KathrynAntyr said...

How wonderful that your soul is getting tended to. Love the roots and tree elements on your self portrait. Good solution that you chose since you didn't want to illustrate your self portrait.