Friday, September 19, 2008

Queen of "Sol"

You know how you can't get enough of something sometimes??? Well, I'm that way with these dolls! Meet "Queen of Sol". I love this color combo and have a lot of fabric in these shades. Sol was also made with ribbon scraps and her crown is a LARGE sequin that I had purchased a bazillion of many years ago!

If you click on her, you can see the details.


barbara burkard said...

beautimous!!! when i first saw her name i thought i'd see a bit of aretha..hee hee!...with a play on words!

i do believe you have found a new addiction!!!

martha brown said...

The colours are great -- and I love her crown. This is a fantastic new addiction!

Mimi said...

Your addiction is inspiring!!!! Gorgeous Sunshiny Day to you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandee she is BEAUTIFUL! Love the colours and the way you layered all the fabric scraps to make it so full of cool patterns!!! Warning: once you start making art dolls you cannot stop! LOL...have fun! Maybe this fall we can do a 1/1 art doll trade? LMK!
Hope :)

Anonymous said...

Sandy: Love your doll! Are there directions for this type of doll anywhere or did you just whip her up from imagination??? Unfortunately, I have no imagination!!!!
Lyn A.

Elizabeth said...

She is terriific!! Ilove how you have made the collage fabric for her body!!
Thanks for playing Imagine for me while I leave this message!!
Love it!!

Patti G. said...

Sandee, you are hooked and she is bbbbeautiful! I loved seeing the close up because I can see your beading and the crown! Cool touches!!!!!
Great job! Hugs,Patti

Kelly said...

she is very Sweet! i love these colors. they're so happy.

jackie said...

Another wonderful doll!! I love your use of ribbon and the cool crown - and the colors are so warm and happy!

Jacky said...

Sandee your new passion for art dolls is wonderful. Love your latest addition...gorgeous crown and love the face stamp you have used.

Sue said...

She's wonderful. Love the crown!!x

Joanne Huffman said...

You are a doll making natural! Queen of Sol is wonderful.