Friday, September 12, 2008

I've become a stuffed mermaid!

Heh, heh...I think I look pretty darn cute!

This is for peggy. She's going to the Paper Whimsy Jammer Weekend, and since I can't go, she's taking me along as a stuffed whimsy. Now, the directions said we needed to be a flat whimsy, but if you know me personally and know the size of my...ahem... "estates"... then you know that that would be impossible. Plus, this was way too much fun to make!


barbara burkard said... that a DIPPITY DOO flip i see? (or is that dating myself?)

she's er ah i mean you are lovely!

i hear your siren call!

hee hee

artbeth67 said...

What a gorgeous doll! :)

Joanne Huffman said...

How cool to turn yourself into such a delightful mermaid (I love mermaids and am in the midst of making 7 for a group of friends meeting up next week). I hope your doll has a great time with Peggy.


Mimi Dzyacky said...

You look superbly fabulous!!!! Enjoy your adventure!! Great doll Peg!!

Jill said...


Sarah said...

Love your Mermaid whimsy Sandee x

Jennifer R.D. said...

You look like a cool hippie mermaid!
Love it!

jackie said...

Sandee, your self-mermaid is wonderful!!

Judy Streger said...

What a super idea. I love your mermaid.

Heather Robinson said...

I'm thinking that we should all get one of these dolls so that we could carry Sandee around with us. Imagine that adventures that you'd have! This is adorable!

Dawn said...

Great mermaid, I envy all those girlies have their jammer - it is gonna be so cool!!!