Saturday, May 01, 2010

Celestial Zetti Tags

I'm in a tag swap with an awesome theme..."Celestial Zetti". Each tag is 2 1/2 by 3 3/4 and must have something celestial in it. It also needs to be as zetti as possible. I'm trying to spread my zetti wings. I still feel like I'm too stiff, but it's getting better.

The background paper is the deli paper technique that I posted about last time. The orange tag was covered with old newsprint first and then covered with the deli paper. I'm having too much fun with this paper!!!


Jill said...

Hi Sandee! These are really beautiful! Hope you are doing okay and you are having a great Spring. Things here are the same - work & busy. Carter made A/B honor roll the 3rd 9 weeks. The struggle w/switching schools has seemed to have passed. Take care, Jill

last minute lynn said...

Love your tags and have a question. It sounds like your tags are multi layered (tag, newspaper, deli paper and then collage elements). Is that correct? Did you paint between layers? Thanks!

sandee said...

Lynn...everything I make is multi-layered. I don't paint between layers...I paint on the paper. It needs to be a very thin, almost translucent layer of paint; too much paint will make thin collage elements bumpy and not adhere well. I hope that answered your question.

Thanks for stopping by!

BTW...tag (from staples cut to size), newsprint, painted deli paper and then collage elements.

barbara burkard said...

very very very very(did i mention very?) cool tags!!! JUST AWESOME!