Monday, May 31, 2010

Being impatient can be a GOOD thing!

I was never one for waiting. I want it and I want it NOW has always been my mantra. So why should I be patient when waiting for something to dry?


I used my Color Mists from Outside the Margins on Fabriano hot pressed paper. Well, in my I WANT IT NOW state, I decided to use some paper towel to help the drying process along. When I lifted the paper towel, I had this beautiful dotted pattern going across the papers:
Now how cool is this! See, being impatient can sometimes pay off! I connected the link to the color mists above. Just click on the words "color mists".


Joanne Huffman said...

what a lovely discovery!

Aileen said...

Sandee, I love the look of your accidental technique, very cool!! Thanks so much for sharing and posting a link back :-) I've gotta try this now :-)

Kris Henderson said...

Great discovery! and your pillow journal is cool too.