Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Remember that Rummage Sale Table?

You know, the one from a few entries back? Well, here it is...all rehabilitated. I think it came out pretty well. You can't really see the color; it is a beautiful sage-olive green. I found the birdhouse at Joann's at 50% off; it is waiting for a plant to come and live in it. The basket and eggs are from TJ Maxx. The eggs were a clearance Easter garland. There were about 100 eggs on the garland; I got it for $2.00. The remainder of the eggs are awaiting a new life in my studio.

Overall, I think it looks pretty good! Maybe we won't replace it any time soon.


Elizabeth Golden said...

This turned out wonder! I finally posted the award you gave me.. Like I said I am way behind

barbara burkard said...

That turned out really great!!! very cool!

Tamara C said...

That is gorgeous! And perfect for that spot! Good job Sandee and hubby!!! And your Aunt Sadie digi art is cool too, sweet petunia!

Hope you are having a sunny Saturday! We bought plants for the yard today! Yay! Love ya!