Monday, December 22, 2008

Paul McCartney and Wings

It is absolutely FrEeZiNg outside. We had 15 inches of snow since Friday and it is absolutely gorgeous. But today, the wind was blowing and the temps were real low. I decided to stay inside and get some art done!

I've been humming Beatles songs all damn day! These pages are for Judy in my Alphabetica group. Her theme is "Beatles Songs"; problem is, there are no Beatles songs that start with U or V! I used 2 songs from Paul McCartney and Wings. I chose Uncle Albert and Venus and Mars. with the owners approval, of course!!!


Tamara C said...

Your art is so beautiful, Sandee! I love what you did with these pages!! So clever to come up with those songs to fit the theme! Where did you find the reclining Venus and Mars? Those are cool! And your page for a friend is awesome too! Those little fairies are so sweet and cupcakes, well, who doesn't love those?!!

Happy Hanukkah!

Chocolate Sprinkled Cupcake Hugs, Tam

Joanne Huffman said...

Great images for an excellent choice of songs.

Joanne, who is happily in Florida, temporarily away from the snow, ice and cold

Jill said...

Hi Sandee! Your pages are just gorgeous. I'm jealous of all that snow. We had 70+ temps for several days and then this a.m. was 18 degrees w/high around 37. Tomorrow is supposed to be 70. (sigh) We'll all have bronchitis and strept by New Year's. Happy Holidays.

peggy gatto said...

Your interpretation is pefect! I think they are my new favorites!!!!

purplepaint said...

Sandee - I love these two pieces!!!! The Beatles are one of my favorite bands!