Sunday, November 11, 2007

We had another Open House today,,,

so I took the boys to see American Gangster. I just love Denzel Washington. The movie was long but very good. When I sat down to make my 3x3 this evening, I found this image and for some reason it reminded me of the movie. So I named this one "Frankie and Johnny" in honor of the Open House and the movie!

For whatever reason I felt like making two 3x3s. Maybe because I haven't made one in 2 days and I don't have to go to work tomorrow. Wahoo! A day off! Anywho...this one is titled "H". H is for home, Honey...hold me, help, HOUSE FOR SALE!!! Ya think I want my house to sell and see my husband or what?!


Anonymous said...

Both are very cute, my friend! I like Denzel too :) Too bad I'm the one scaring all of your potential house buyers off since I don't want you to move!

Love ya!


Jillian said...

Beautiful 3x3s! I love the colors and the images you used. Great work as always. Now when am I going to see you in some of these challenges?? :) Like you don't already have enuf to do, right?

barbara burkard said...

OMG!!! THAT SECOND ONE WITH THE BABIES IS SOOOO ADORABLE! but then you know me and m'babies..hee hee!

big hugz