Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a happy turkey day. Mine was lovely, eating here at my in-laws house in upstate NY. I am so incredibly burnt out from looking at houses and checking out Newtown, CT, the thought of cooking was not appealing at all.

I wish I had better news but my house still has not sold. We did secure a GORGEOUS lakefront property to rent for three months. Now my children can register for school legitimately. The superintendent of schools here was very nice; he was going to let me register my kids with the promise having a permanent home in 120 days! After that, we would have to pay tuition. The Newtown school district is impacted. But because I showed up with my realtor and I'm a teacher as well, he was going to "bend the rules". Now we can have them there guilt free.

Back to the lakefront is simply gorgeous. It is a 3rd home owned by a multi-millionaire. He was originally going to rent it to a director to a movie being filmed here, but the director never signed the lease. We really lucked out. The house is completely furnished, and I mean furnished! I guess I have something to really be thankful for this year!

Until I have more news...have a great time celebrating with family and friends!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the house hasn't sold yet, Sandala. It will, just hang in there! Glad you had a good Turkey Day! Can't wait to see pics of the lakefront property :)

Love and hugs to you all :)


kelly snelling said...

happy thanksgiving, sandee! your house sounds awesome. soak it up and have a wonderful time there. and i bet that someone is going to buy your house very soon! i will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that they do!!

Jillian said...

I'm so happy that you've found a place to call "home" when you come out here. The place sounds fantastic! I hope your house in CA sells soon. Take care.