Sunday, July 29, 2007

What a nice weekend...

After this week, I really needed a nice weekend. I spent Saturday night at a friend's house with with 3 other friends. The five of us drank Bellini's, ate a ton of non-diet food and stayed up until 2:00am playing Maj Jongg and talking crap about our husbands (you know, the girlie kind of crap...) It was absolute heaven. No testosterone making me crazy for 24 hours. When I got home today, all three boys were out and about and DH was cleaning out the garage. I was able to bury myself in my room and get some art done.

Below are two pages I did for my friend Michelle's RR journal. Her theme was Ocean Treasures and her colors were blues, greens and whites. I hope she like this!

These are 3 x 3s (yes, more of them) I did on Friday of last week. Below is Angie's

This is Christine's

and this is Mary's. That's all for today!


artsyfran said...

I'm so glad you had a relaxing weekend! You deserved it after that crazy few weeks! I love all the art you created, especially the crow 3 x 3! xoxo Fran

Heather Robinson said...

Gorgeous work....the girl's night was very well deserved. Aren't girlfriends marvelous?

Anonymous said...

Love these 3 x 3's, girlie!!!

Love from your So. Cal Sis :)

Kelly said...

great art!!!