Saturday, July 21, 2007

I guess I can't get away from these 3 x 3s!

It was hot here today. It's the kind of day that you either go swimming or stay indoors. I did a little of both. But while indoors, I decided to make more of these 3 x 3s. I know at some point I'll probably burn out on them, but for now I'm just loving them. The Red & Black 3 x 3 is for Debby. She just loves vintage images of children and I really enjoyed making this for her. She's a REALLY sweet lady!

And then there's peggy! Anyone who knows her can truly appreciate her sense of humor. Especially in her art. Her theme for her 3 x 3 was Saint _____, Patron Saint of Altered Art. I decided to make Saint Patina, Patron Saint of, well, Patina! The colors in this piece are very rich. Too bad the scan doesn't do it any justice!


Kelly said...

wow! these are great!

Heather Robinson said...

These are fantastic. I must give the size a seem to be hooked. Lovely work.