Sunday, February 06, 2011

Orange Journal

Those people that really know me know that my favorite color is orange. I decided that this year, I would make an Orange Journal. In the past I have started a bazillion journals, stopping at some point due to frustration: size is wrong, book is BOUND, color is wrong, I can't draw, I can't THINK, too much on my plate, etc. But a recent trip to Michael's gave me a new attitude. In the $1.00 bins (come on, admit it, you check them out too!) were these packages of 6 x 6 inch white chipboard pages. Now I'm thinking to myself, "Hmm...a dollar for 5 pages; 10 if you count front and back. Ten cents a page. I can handle that."

I absolutely loved the size of the pages and the fact that they WERE NOT BOUND! Hence, a huge part of my frustration was eliminated just by having the pages loose. I loved the tabs on the pages as well. Needless to say, I bought all of them. And much to my surprise, they were 40% off! So, 8 packages, 5 pages each, 80 pages front and back...all for $4.80!

No, I'm not using all of them for my Orange Journal. I've gessoed and painted just 2 packs of them. But I wanted to share some of the pages. I won't share all because some of them are very personal, but there are others that are just quirky. So, enjoy the orange side of me!!!

front cover and inside front cover:
a two page spread


Joanne Huffman said...

Great shopping, excellent journal pages and terrific color (I love orange, too). And, I, too, am sick of the snow.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Your orange pages are glorious! I am quickly falling in love with your work. In my mind, it's a unique and lovely combination of several artists' work that I love: Roc of What's Up Roc blog, Nancy Baumiller, Teesha Moore, and Jade Adams. You've made your work your own and I just love the color and imagery and as I scroll down your blog page, I fall deeper and deeper for your work! YUMMY! You are so talented.

I am going to try a journal this year if it kills me. I am so attracted to the medium but I am so scared to try. I, too, would want it to start with unbound pages so I feel your pain there. Great find at Michael's.


Dawn said...

Loving the orange I may try and wear some orange and if I wear my fave colour (purple)they will go beautifully together. Great pages hun

Love Dawn xx