Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got my test scores for the first 3 tests I needed to pass to get my permanent CT state teaching licenses. I not only passed, I passed with flying colors!!!!!!!! I'm so excited I want to scream~ WAHOO!!! These first three tests were so hard. They were like taking my high school SATs all over again. I thought for sure I had failed at least one of them. But, I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, G_d!!!

I take the next 2 tests on April 25th. I should probably start studying for them...


barbara burkard said...





Janny said...

Congrats and good luck April 25;o)

Mar said...


I love the picture you chose to express you glee

best with your next series of tests!

mary schweitzer said...

Mary Hunt told me to come here to see your Zetti. They're sooo cute.
I have just started trying the Zetti thing. Harder than it looks isn't it?
But fun.

Judy Streger said...

Way to go, Sandee!!!

Tamara C said...

Congratulations Sweet Girl!!!!! I Know you will do just as well on the next tests!!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!!!! <3 And I LOVE your book of why pages, too! They are so amazing!! And your HEADER - girl, you are getting REALLY GOOD AT THIS DIGI STUFF TOO!! Just keep playing and you'll learn more and more! I'll send some more links to shops for cute digi stuff this week. I found a few cutie girls with wings that are perfect for our art! :)

I love you Sandee! I'm so proud of you and thank G-d right along with you! This is one more step towards teaching again - which I know your heart really, really wants!


peggy gatto said...

Well, I could have told you that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love reading GOOD NEWS like this!!!!
Way to go teach!!!!

Joanne Huffman said...

Of course you passed! Congrats.


bockel24 said...

Haha, great photo for that post! And congrats, Sandee!

Two Dresses Studio said...

Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!

Kelly Snelling_Soulhumming.typepad.com said...

hurrah!!! that is wonderful! and i hope you do the same on the next ones!! good luck!

inventivesoul said...

~*YAY!!!!!!*~ ~*SANDEE!*~
I am impressed!
Hoping 4/25 goes well for you too!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on passing! I was looking through some previous posts and love you pages utilizing Zetti style. I don't know about this style but love what you did. I might have to try something like that!

Dawn said...

Yeah Sandee that is so cool... GOOD LUCK with the next batch

martha brown said...

I don't know how I missed this post! congratulations! Hurray for you!!! and GOOD LUCK tomorrow on your next ones!!!