Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Raising money for Ovarian Cancer

This is a posting in my Altered Art Swap Yahoo group. A "Friends through Art Charm Necklace" is up for auction with 100% of the proceeds going to ovarian cancer research. Please post information regarding the auction on your blogs. The auction is for the necklace and a copy of Stampington's Belle Armorie that featured the article on it. It can be found on eBay by doing a search:

Friends through Art or Item number: 370069098491

Let's raise some money in honor of Peggy's friend Cathy Marks and to support early detection, improved testing, and finding a cure for ovarian cancer. Thanks in advance for supporting the auction. Special thanks to the artists who contributed charms to the necklace: Sanna Burgess, Barbara Burkard, Judy Evitts, Peggy Gatto, Angie Hall-Haviland, Caryl Hoobler, Kimberly Moore, Carol Myrick, Tally Oliveau, Tanya Peacock, and Jennifer Rogers-Daniels. And . . . a huge hug filled with appreciation to Peggy who initiated this project and took all of the charms to create this amazing piece of wearable art.


kathy mc said...

Wow, this is gorgeous. I hope it raises a lot of money. I'm sure it will.

Erasmuse said...

I know you said to post on our blogs but wanted to know if it's ok to just copy the info and pics from your blog and put it on mine. Great cause - FANTASTIC necklace!

"Altered My Muse"

"Every Doll Needs a Home"

peggy gatto said...

Say sandee, I appreciate your help in promoting this auction!!!!!