Monday, June 23, 2008

Flea Market

I woke up yesterday morning not really feeling that great. I had gone to a friend's house for a Sex and the City girl's night and had a few too many Mojitos. Sunday morning was tough! But I promised myself that I would find this flea market, so after 2 cups of coffee and some Advil, off I went!

I was very disappointed when I made it there The threat of rain was great and when 3 teeny, tiny droplets fell, the vendors started closing down. Now I drove 20 miles and 30 minutes with a hangover! The nerve of these folks to pack up and leave!

As I proceeded to the exit, I recalled seeing a sign for an indoor flea market. As I started to drive in the direction I came, I did find the sign again (on the opposite side of the road; picture me stretching my neck and turning around to read the darn thing while I was DRIVING!!!!!) Soooo, I turned around and headed in that direction.

Lo and behold, there it was. I parked and went inside, much to my dismay... AGAIN!!! There were hardly any vendors there. I figured I'd take a quick walk just "to look". As I approached this one booth, I noticed some original German scrap that was just too pricey for me. But as I dug deeper into this woman's things, I found some real treasures!

Below are the following: a People's Home Journal from 1911 that I got for $1.00; a "Common Sense Reminder" ~the reminder with a conscience! (I swear that's what it says) also for $1.00; a Promiscuous Examples math notebook from 1889 for $2.00; and lastly a set of 5 tissue-paper paper cuts that were from 1940's. These were also hand dyed and were the most expensive at $10/5, but they are absolutely amazing.
Inside each item. I love the add for Macy's all the way on the right.

I thought I did fairly well considering my proximity to NYC. Any suggestions on how to adhere the paper cuts without making the ink bleed? Feel free to leave suggestions.


martha brown said...

I think that you did pretty well! I never find anything in the big city -- but I always have my mom on the lookout for me in smaller towns. She used to be an antique dealer, so she's got a sharp eye. She just picked me up an unused ledger book -- we're still searching for a used one (I just hate it when she says -- I threw out tons of those!)

Megan said...

Looks like you got some swell stuff! Was it the Elephant's Trunk you went to first? We will have to go some Sunday when it's not raining!


barbara burkard said...

great finds!!! i went to the flea market sunday...and one of my new favorite ladies..was there...she always greets me with..."oh there's my lady that likes the old stuff!"..(she had some delicious goodies for me this week)...calls me...i swear i have this guy that follows me to see what the heck i'm buying as if i KNOW just what to buy..(LIKE A MAGIC FORMULA...).lol...he's always with his partner...and one day i saw them at a rummage and i was doing a wild wild west altered book...i found this old west magazine from early 1900's...and his partner put it i picked it up...and asked how much...she goes..oh 25 guy nearly beat his partner up! got all pissy and went to the car because his partner had put it down and i GOT now when i see him...he has this thing of coming over and asking if i got all the good's really creepy...i don't think i've ever seen him in different clothing...still the same dirt...ewwwww...and he's really really rude...he drives a new car...i ususally try to go to a different aisle...when we see him coming...

The Backporch Artessa said...

Wow Sandy you scored! (Hmmm and you've been doing fab-o art lately too...) This must really be your summer! as for the tissue...could you sew them in? Or use the incredi tape? Would wonder-under or that sort of iron on thing work? Just thoughts...ignore and they'll go away...LOL!