Thursday, February 14, 2008

One World, One Heart


Today was the OWOH blog giveaway. I had made the promise that if my name got selected one time, I would donate $100 to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation in memory of my brother. Here's the post I put on the participants blogs:

This is a great idea! However, I just moved across country and have most of my stuff in storage. What I would like to do, is go into as many of the blogs as I can and sign in. If my name gets pulled by anyone as a winner, I will donate $100 to AIDS Foundation in memory of my brother. If my name gets selected more than once, I will up the ante an additional $10 every time it gets pulled (greedy I know, but one can dream!!!) If my name is not pulled by anyone, I will still make a $50 donation. This way, everyone is a winner.I hope to get my name drawn at least once.

I was selected at least once that I know of. I was notified on my blog and this is what Ketutar posted on hers:

And the winner is... SANDEE
From Sandee's Sanity and USA My husband chose a number between 1 and 111, without knowing what he was choosing. I was counting and when I got to the number my hubby had chosen, and I read the comment, I cried. (Sure, it's "that time of the month; I'm really happy that Fortuna chose her to win my socks and I hope my socks will fit her perfectly and warm her feet and good heart for a very long time :-)

Thanks to Ketutar, AIDS Foundation will have $100 more to go towards ending this horrific disease.

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Bethel of Bethania said...

G'day Sandee,
Sorry you didn't win my OWOH Giveaway as ArtsyFran was my winner but thank you so much for coming on by and spreading the love ... OOroo ... Bethel