Friday, January 11, 2008

Gothic Arch Tip-In

I'm in a Gothic Arch Tip-In in one of my Yahoo groups. It's like a RR but instead of getting a book each month to work in, you get assigned a person, do the pages according to their theme and colors, and mail the pages directly to them. It's a lot less costly when it comes to postage.

These pages are for Tamara. Her theme is Flights of Fancy and she said she likes vibrant color. Hope she likes them!


Kelly said...

great arches!

Tamara C said...

I ADORE these pages!!! I cannot believe these actually belong to me! If they didn't I would surely be envious! heh heh!

Thank you so much Sandee! Your art always makes my heart sing and dance!!

Tamara C said...

This came in the mail and Sandee, it is even more gorgeous in person!! Wow! I'm not sure it's going to be a part of the book though. Because I think I am going to have to frame this and put it in my bedroom! It would be a joy to see this whimsical arch every day!! Thank you so very much! You rock!!!