Thursday, August 02, 2007

Having Direction

I belong to a word Circle Journal with women who scrapbook mostly. They wanted to have the experience of an altered art/mixed media RR so I agreed to do it with them. They are very lovely women and their work is wonderful!

Everyone in the CJ had to pick a word for a theme that everyone needed to focus on. Noelia's word is direction. Here is the spread I made for her.


Heather Robinson said...

There is such strength to these pages...what a great word to create around...direction! Stunning work.

Penny said...

Sandee, these are too cool! Love the colors and the theme! Beautiful!

martha said...

Sandee -- Great idea -- your spread is beautiful!

Kelly said...

great art! love the designs!

Aimeslee said...

How inspiring for Noelia, Sandee! Gorgeous work... my only regret is that the CJ's do not have your pages in them when I get them (pout).