Friday, April 27, 2007

Calling all artists!!!

I just found out that I am moving from Kindergarten to 5th grade year next year and I am so PSYCHED!!!!!!! What I would like to do is create "mY AlTeReD 5tH GrAdE jOuRnAl" journals with my students since we live in California and the children do not get formal art classes until middle school. Since I work in a Back To Basics school, it's reading, writing, 'rithmatic all the way. The other 5th grade teacher is freaking that I want to do this, which is making me want to do it even more (heh, heh, heh)

So I'm asking anyone and everyone that reads my blog to consider sending me any old and no longer used ink pads, rubber stamps, paper, paints, charms, etc. so that I can do this at a minimal cost. I have 34 students and have lots from my own studio to share with them, however, I plan on working with them every Friday afternoon during the school year, so I really need A LOT!!! If you're interested, please leave a message in my comments section and I'll get back to you with my address.

Thanks so much for considering helping to create our future artists!!!

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Penny said...

I have some stuffs I can send your way! Send your address to me and I will just pop them in the mail! I think this is a fantastic idea that I would like to help out with! I have a friend here in Alaska who has been teaching journaling to her 5th grade classes, she loves it! She says that the students just love the journals. She has taught them to create ATC's to put inside, aerosol art, stamping, stenciling, etc. Have fun with your classes! You can send your address to: